Pumped Storage Supporting Renewables Around the World.

·         Dinorwig Power Station in the UK

o   Transitioning to using renewables to pump water, currently uses fossil fuels/nuclear

o   Located in Snowdonia National Park, Wales

o   Built on top of disused slate quarries

o   http://www.electricmountain.co.uk/Power-Stations

·         La Muela pumped-storage plant in Spain

o   Wind energy provides Spain with 10% of its energy, but cannot be stored

o   La Muela stores excess wind production

o   http://www.hydroworld.com/articles/print/volume-17/issue-3/Articles/wind-hydro-integration-pumped-storage-to-support-wind.html

·         Germany

o   http://www.waterpowermagazine.com/features/featurepumped-storage-the-future-in-germany-4291865/

o   Additional storage facilities will be needed in order to account for the increase in wind and solar energy outputs

o   The two largest facilities in Germany are Goldisthal and Markersbach, and plans are underway to expand the latter facility

o   GE to supply combined wind and hydro pumped storage pilot project

·         Norway/Netherlands

o   NorNed cable interconnects the grids of Norway and the Netherlands

o   Norway wants to become Europe’s battery

Explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsSUPpwtqhQ