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Energy Storage Solutions in California

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Currently the electric grid – the infrastructure that delivers power to almost everyone – is set up to use power at the exact moment it is created. The millisecond a ray of sunshine hits a solar panel in the desert it must be used, and there is currently no capacity to store large amounts of this electricity for future use. Large scale renewable energy storage technology must be added for renewable energy to reliably replace fossil fuels in our energy mix. Eradicating the large-scale energy storage gap in California is necessary for the state to achieve its clean energy goals, support electric grid flexibility to keep prices affordable, and ensure reliability.

When the wind stops and the sun sets

Renewable energy is our future. It allows us to use our state’s ample sunshine and welcoming breeze to make safe, affordable, and clean electricity. But currently we can only use these limitless sources of electricity when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. At night or when the wind lets up, dozens of gas power plants take over.  That’s the problem large scale renewable energy storage will solve.



Energy Storage is vital to the
future of Renewable Energy


Energy Storage Solutions

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are intermittent and produce excess amounts of energy at times when demand is low. Energy storage facilities will capture this excess energy and make it available when demand for electricity is high.  That reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources over time, and creates a low carbon electric grid.

  • The California Independent System Operator (ISO) which operates the electric grid in our state has confirmed that energy storage projects are a viable solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and will also provide the renewable energy capacity needed to push California toward our climate goals.
  • Energy storage projects can provide greater access to clean energy on the state’s electric grid by allowing renewable energy to be used when it's needed.
Source: Center for Sustainable Systems,  University of Michigan

Source: Center for Sustainable Systems, University of Michigan

Economic Growth

Storage projects will help California create clean energy jobs for years to come. Energy storage is vital to expanding California's commitment to renewable energy and paving the way for a sustainable renewable energy economy in the Golden State. Not only do energy storage projects create jobs during design and construction but they create high paying, long term jobs. Once these storage facilities are operational, they will pay property taxes, adding millions for local communities, schools and roads.


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